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Why Do I Need a Domain Name and Web Hosting?

For those of you who are new to website creation it might be confusing to determine everything  you need to get started.  When creating a  website you have two basic choices;  created the site yourself or  hire a website design and development company. Websites require an above average  expertise along with considerable time and some design knowledge, so if  you plan on doing this yourself make sure to factor in lots and lots of time.  Whether you DIY or hire out you will need to create your site, create content for your site,   purchase a domain name and purchase web hosting.  In this article I will cover what web hosting   and  domain names are and why you need them.

A domain is the name of your website such as “” which is set up to  point to your web hosting company.  When choosing a domain name take care to find one that reflects your site. Don’t worry about whether the name is already taken. When you enter you name in the domain search it will let you know if it is taken and most will offer suggestions to names not taken for you to choose from. These normally have numbers attached to the end, so you might want to be prepared and have a few different domain names figured out.  See the tips below when choosing a domain name.


how to decide on a domain name


To understand web hosting, think of it as  space you rent on a remote computer to store all of your files.  The web hosting computers are high power servers  which  is maintained by  hosting companies such as GoDaddy, Blue Host, HostGator or Yahoo. When someone visits your site, the web hosting company will return the requested files you have uploaded to their server.


how web hosting works

Before you start thinking you can set up your own server, keep in mind that maintaining a web hosting server requires a high level of expertise and therefore should be left to the experts. The good news about web hosting is that the prices have come down as more and more companies compete for your business. To choose a web host that is right for you look at the chart below for features you need such as 24/7 support, data space,  domain name and pricing.


Hosting Features Bluehost HostGator GoDaddy Yahoo
24/7 Support Yes – Phone, Chat & Email Yes- Phone, Chat and Email Yes -Phone Yes- Phone and Email
Unlimited Disk Storage Yes Yes No – 100 GB No – 100 GB
Domain Name Free Domain Single Domain Free Domain Single Domain
Lowest Monthly Price $4.95 $3.96 $2.99 $3.74 – 1st 3 months
Green Energy No Yes No – but big on charities No